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Downtown Kennewick has been changing since it began.  Every generation, every person leaves their mark and makes a change that takes it to its next stage. The HDKP brings some of those people together to make those changes intentional. We welcome you to be one of them.

We are a part of the Main Street Program. The Main Street Approach is a philosophy, a program and proven comprehensive approach to commercial business district revitalization.  The approach is used in over 1600 cities across the nation and focuses on four volunteer-based integrated committees: Design, Economic Vitality, Organization, and Promotion.



Meetings: 3rd Thursday, 8:00 am
HDKP Office, Conference Room, 124 W Kennewick Ave

The Design committee focuses on getting the downtown area into top physical shape and capitalizing on its best assets, such as historic buildings and traditional downtown layouts.  This is accomplished by creating an inviting atmosphere through window displays, parking areas, signage, and streetscapes.

Economic Vitality

Meetings: 2nd Thursday, 7:30 am
HDKP Office, Conference Room, 124 W Kennewick Ave

The Economic Vitality committee helps existing downtown businesses expand and recruits new ones to respond to today's market.  This committee also helps convert unused space into productive property and sharpen the competitiveness of business enterprises.


Meetings: 2nd friday, 8:00 am
HDKP Office, Conference Room, 124 W Kennewick Ave

The Organization committee has the responsibility of building consensus and cooperation among the groups that have an important stake in the downtown area.  This includes educating stakeholders regarding the benefits of a revitalized downtown.


Meetings: 2nd Thursday, 8:30 am
Clover Island Inn, Crow’s Nest, 435 N Clover Island Dr

The Promotion committee is responsible for creating a positive image of the Downtown through advertising, retail promotional activites, special events, and a marketing campaign carried out by local volunteers.


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