Business Resources

What You Should Know

#1 We're Here to Help


While this resource guide outlines common services for businesses, we're eager to personally assist you in growing your business in Downtown Kennewick.

If you're just getting started, have general questions, or encounter obstacles, you can contact us. If you are a new business in downtown, we also have a special information page just for you with some next steps you can take to get started well and connect to downtown.

You can also find city information and business resource web links at | 509-585-4200

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#2 Business Development Tools


How Businesses Profit and Succeed Downtown

Solid Business Plan
Sustainable Capital
Marketing Strategy
Consistent Hours
Appropriate Products and Services for Audience

From creating a business plan to tax reporting responsibilities, these organizations can help you set your venture up for success and reduce financial risk.

SCORE | | 509-735-1000 x235
A partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration providing mentoring, resources, templates, and tools for entreprenuer at no charge.

Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce | | 509-736-0510
Educational workshops, economic gardening, networking, and more.

Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce | | 509-542-0933
Advancing the economic, industrial, professional, cultural, agricultural, educational, and civic welfare of the community.

Washington State Small Business Guide |
Payroll requirements, tax responsibilities, closing a business, and more.

Small Business Development Center | | 509-735-6222
Services are free and confidential to local business owners and managers

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#3 Financial Resources


Benton Franklin Council of Governments | | 509-943-9185
Provides economic guidance to local businesses, including loan fund programs.

Small Business Administration |
A federal organization that helps Americans start, build, and grow businesses.

Impact Washington |
A non-profit organization that helps make Washington manufacturers more globally competitive.

Washington State Department of Commerce |
Provides customized services to help businesses increase sales, enter new markets, find new partners, identify and advocate legislative changes, find new funding sources, and hire and train more workers.

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#4 What's Allowed Downtown, Licensing and Permitting

Find details on this information at

What's Allowed at Your Location?

  1. Before applying for a license, moving locations, or changing your business, verify that your business activity meets property zoning requirements.  find your property zoning using the interactive map available at or at City Hall.
  2. Check the City's "Zone Districts and Standards" section of the Zoning Code to find out what is permitted in your zone.  Uses are described in the "Table of Non-Residential Uses."  Contact the Planning Department at 509-585-4280 for help.

For example, most buildings between Dayton St. and Washington St. and Canal Dr. and 2nd Ave. are zoned "Comercial Business District, " in which tattoo shops, churhces, and a few other uses are not allowed.

Special Licenses

Regulatory licenses for these businesses must be obtained directly from the City of Kennewick:

  • Cabarets
  • Vehicles for Hire
  • Adult Concessions
  • Alarm Dealers & Installers
  • Secondhand Dealers

Find application links at | 509-582-7221


Allowable size and type depend on the install location and your business zoning.  Excpet for signs smaller than 4 square feet and window signs, obtain a building permit before installation fro the Building Department at 509-585-4276Contact the HDKP office to get information on blade signs, encouraged to enhance the pedestrian experience in the historic downtown.

Fire Prevention Inspection

All businesses are inspected by the Kennewick Fire Department to ensure safety and compliance with state and local codes.  A checklist of commonly inspected items and more information is at | 509-585-4302 |

Food, Beverage, and Liquor Businesses

Benton Franklin Health Department | | 509-460-4200 | 7102 W Okanogan Pl, Kennewick, WA

Fats, Oils, Grease Requirements | | 509-585-4483
Wastewater pre-treatment devices, such as grease traps, are required.

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board | | 360-664-1600
On average, the liquor licensing process takes 60-90 days.

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#5 Your Downtown Customer


Business Hours

According to 2016 downtown survey data, 81% of customers prefer to shop or eat downtown on weekends.

How to Reach Them

46% of downtown customers rely on Facebook to get local event information, far exceeding any other source.

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More Business Resource Contacts

Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership | | 509-582-7221
Part of connecting you and your business downtown happens at our Merchant Meetings where you can talk to other downtown businesses and ask questions.

City of Kennewick Economic Development | | 509-585-4258
Help businesses locate and expand, navigate city services, and connect with local resources.

Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC) | | 509-735-1000
Expansion, business-specific site selection and demographic assistance.

Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce | | 509-736-0510
Educational workshops, economic gardening, networking, and more.

Tri-Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce | | 509-542-0933
Advancing the economic, industrial, professional, cultural, agricultural, educational, and civic welfare of the community.

WorkSource Washington | | 509-734-5941
State of Washington's local provider for employment services, including workforce recruitment and screening for all types.

Business Structure | | 306-725-0377 |
Information on establishing or changing your business structure or registered agent is available from the Secretary of State.

Free Google Listing |
Help your business get found online. Visit the link above to complete your business lsiting with your hours, phone number, and other information, so customers can find you.

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Utilities and Municipal Contacts

Utilities Contacts

Benton PUD
2721 W 10th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336

Cascade Natural Gas
8113 W Grandridge Blvd.
Kennewick, WA 99336

City Of Kennewick Water
210 W 6th Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336

Columbia Irrigation District
10 E. Kennewick Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336

Waste Management Service
1611 S Washington St.
Kennewick, WA

Municipal Contacts

City of Kennewick
Permitting and Inspection
210 W 6th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336

Kennewick Fire Department
600 S Auburn St.
Kennewick, WA 99336

Kennewick Police Department
211 W 6th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336