Friday Business Spotlight & Giveaway (Esprit)

***Friday Business Spotlight & Giveaway***

Esprit Graphic communications is owned and operated by Shannon and Skip Novakovich. They opened up shop in 1989. Working in a printing company is not a new thing for either of them, Skip’s Family had a company in Walla Walla prior to their decision to start their own in Historic Downtown Kennewick. The building Esprit is in was built around the turn of the century, although the official year was not well documented. Years ago the building used to be a Dairy. Where there was once cow corrals and coolers for milk and ice cream are now filled with huge and detailed equipment and offices. After the Dairy came and went, The Tri City Herald occupied the building. Skip and Shannon moved in and rented the spot from The Tri City Herald and finally bought it 15 years later. The building is about 15,000 sq ft and throughout the buildings existence has grown bigger and bigger. The original main entrance use to be located on Canal.

Esprit does printing on a large scale, so BIG projects. The amount of machines and the capabilities of these machines is mesmerizing! When walking through it, you almost feel like you won a Golden Ticket to go to see Willy Wonka and his Chocolate Factory, but, instead of an endless gobstopper you see stacks and stacks of calendars or mass mailers coming out of the final destination. Since they do printing on such a large scale, the offer free delivery, so no need to send your little Admin Assistant to pick it up! He or She will not be able to lift it all, nor will it fit into their car! Skip is also a collector of old printing equipment, and has goals of opening up a printing museum one day. All paper tailings (the little clippings after pages get cut to size) are recycled and all ink is soy based so can be recycled as well. They are as green to our earth as a printing company can be. When they moved into their building in 1989, Shannon says “It was a horrible time for our community. There were so many vacancies. It is great to see what it has become down here.”

Probably the BEST part about Esprit, is their shop dog Wesley! He came from the Benton Franklin Humane Society where Shannon served as the Board President for many years. Wesley is a giant dog, easily weights 150+lbs and stands super tall. He is extremely social and will be sure to come right up to you so he can be petted. He moved around from city to city and state to state with different shelters and rescues and was adopted out several times and returned before he finally ended up with Skip & Shannon. It  is hard to imagine that Wesley even ended up in a shelter in the first place! This year, Shannon and Skip received a Best of Category Award from Pacific Printing Industries PrintRocks Award. Congrats!! Esprit is located at 110 N. Cascade Street in the heart of Historic Downtown Kennewick.


Esprit is giving away a $30 gift certificate from Rockabilly’s (located within the Roxy in Historic Downtown Kennewick) to one lucky winner. To enter in the contest to win, like this post, share this post, and comment a picture of your Dog so Wesley can see! (Don’t have a dog? Cat, pig, goldfish, etc will work also!).